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Day 11: Heavy Bags and Hurting Feet

August 14, 2010

We stayed an extra night at the hut. We arrived there the previous day and had one more last cache run. That means going back 15km, bringing back all the rest of the food and that would have been the last big run. So off we went. Laura whose feet were rubbed raw and has really bad Achilles heels, got a rest day. Luckily, she was also the sentry of the tents so we did not have to take them down. Whilst the rest of us walked back 15 km with light packs, across bogs, rivers, and the nice hard packed sands at the end to retrieve the last of the cached food and then come back in the evening carrying close to 20, 25, even up to 30 kg packs on a 30 km day.

A Heavy  Load to Carry

A Heavy Load to Carry (photo from 2009 expedition)

Our legs are aching, our backs are dying and our feet are dead. But that was the last one. Now all we need to do is cross the river and then set up base camp ready to go on to the glaciers and possibly up to Penny Ice Cap.  It has been great; the weather has been fantastic so far, 20 plus degrees. But that is very odd for this part of the world so we will see what the weather amounts to be over the next two weeks.

Listen to Vijay’s report from Baffin:

  1. Edmund permalink
    August 22, 2010 1:28 pm

    Great pic man – and what an epic journey you guys are on!

  2. Luke Collyer permalink
    August 27, 2010 6:29 pm

    Vijay!!!! Fantastically brilliant to see you back out on an expedition. Glad you’re in pain too. Here’s hoping it goes well man! “send more Champagne!”

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