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Day 12: Beautiful Surroundings and Soaring Temperatures

August 15, 2010

Today we’ve arrived at our base camp location, before travelling off into the glaciated valleys and hopefully the Penny Ice Cap here on Baffin Island. It’s been a fantastic day, and I’m really pleased by the effort that the Team has put in, in order to get this far in the expedition.

The entire length of the Auyuittuq Pass is 97 kilometres, and over the past 6 days we’ve hauled all of our food and ice climbing equipment a total distance of 140 kilometres, as we have twice as much equipment as we can carry, thereby walking the same ground 3 times to bring up all of our equipment and establish our cache here in one of the best mountain locations I think I’ve ever seen.

The Highway Glacier

The Highway Glacier (photo from 2009 expedition)

We are camped in a moraine field, coming off the Highway Glacier, in a bend in the Auyuittuq Pass that has 4 glaciers meeting and converging at this one point. The mountains around us tower over 1000 metres above us and are very jagged and raw. In fact, there has been rock falls coming down this evening and it’s just been absolutely stunning.

In the past 4 or 5 days, the temperatures have been shocking! A surprisingly very, very warm 19-20°C, making the colours and the scenery really come alive; all of the flowers are in full blossom. It’s an amazing part of the world!

Flowers Blossoming in the Warm Weather

Flowers Blossoming in the Warm Weather (photo from 2009 expedition)

I’m really looking forward to cracking on with the expedition phase and exploring a region of the Auyuittuq National Park which isn’t at all visited by people.

Thank you very much for following us!

Listen to Antony’s report from Baffin:

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  1. Eric permalink
    August 16, 2010 10:25 am

    Hi Antony,

    It’s nice to read you got your “expedition crew” so well under control 😉 It’s interesting that each of them is sharing their own personal daily experiences on this blog. Thaks a lot to all of you and keep us posted. Btw i took a pic. of the same kind of flower on Svalbard. And i know exactly what you mean with those nice temperatures. I stood on the icecap with nothing but a t-shirt. It’s cool to take pictures but it makes you wonder about the global warming. Cheers to all of you. Eric

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